The Home Essentials Kit is an ideal kit to teach with when you are new to the process. It only has 11 oils to learn and is an affordable investment for most people. It is helpful to have this basic format down so that you spend minimal time on planning and preparing for a class. It's great to have a bag packed at all times with everything you need to teach a class. Then you can teach last minute classes stress-free. Keep it simple, cost effective and time efficient not only for your benefit but to demonstrate to potential business builders in your class that they can do this as well.

ALWAYS ask yourself "is this duplicatable?"


  • Bring your Business Builder Binder
  • Bring your Modern Essentials Book
  • Talk to your upline about additional items they would like you to bring/provide for the class.


1. Click here to learn how to present.

2. Click here to see the Home Essentials Kit.


You have the option of offering incentives to class hosts, guests and/or new enrollees. Speak with your upline about the best way to utilize these kits but the rule of thumb is not to offer more than your Fast-Start Bonus will pay for. Below are 2 incentive kits you can purchase by adding to your LRP or by using your AR balance by calling doTERRA customer service to order. Note: These kits are worth 0 PV so you do not receive FREE Product Credit when ordering these kits.

  • Empower Kit $50 - 20 doTERRA Living magazine, 20 5ml Wild Orange and invitations
  • Family Physician Event Kit $29.50 - 1 Intro to Essential Oils Kit, 9 5ml Wild Orange and invitations
Wild Orange Recipe Card.pdf Wild Orange Recipe Card.pdf
Size : 177.935 Kb
Type : pdf

Another option is to cash in some of your FREE LRP Product Credit for products you can use as incentives for class hosts:

  • Intro to Essential Oils Kit $20
  • 6-pack Intro to Essential Oils Kits $115
  • lower priced oils and products 


1. Make an invitation

  • Just add the name of your class, what people will be learning, date/time, location, your name/phone
  • Save as a PDF and email to your prospects
  • Save as a JPEG to post on Facebook
  • For small 4 to a page invites open up a new PowerPoint slide (make sure to adjust slide to 8.5 x 11) or Word page and insert your saved PDF 4 times. Then simply grab a corners with your mouse and reduce size.
  • If you don't have a printer at home you can email your PDF to a print store and ask them to convert it to 4 small invites on 8.5 x 11 standard paper and cut.

Inviting in person or phone call AND Reminding via phone call or text is ideal.

These are just two ways and styles to make invites. Use what ever method is within your skill set.

doTERRA Class Invite Template.pptx doTERRA Class Invite Template.pptx
Size : 198.123 Kb
Type : pptx
doTERRA Class Invite Template.docx doTERRA Class Invite Template.docx
Size : 139.139 Kb
Type : docx

2. Click here and print the "Drawing Entry Form." This is an important step so that you can follow up with class guests who did not enroll on the spot. These can also be purchased as Tear Pads.

3. The Medicine Cabinet Makeover Tear Pad is a great visual of all the basic information taught in a basic class. Give one to each guest to follow along and jot down notes if they'd like.

Click here to purchase: http://cskgr.kvpnk.servertrust.com/product-p/mcmhandouts.htm

4. Below is the "doTERRA LRP CHECKLIST". Great way to give guests a concrete way to think about shifting money they already spend on personal care products to Loyalty Rewards Program so they can use their FREE Product Credit to replace their oils free. Also, helps to point out all the benefits of doTERRA wholesale membership and products. Print 2-sided and give to guests to fill out before closing. Use their answers as a way to point out the many benefits of wholesale membership and LRP.

doTERRA LRP Checklist.pdf doTERRA LRP Checklist.pdf
Size : 190.256 Kb
Type : pdf

5. Click link to print black and white copies of the IPC AGREEMENT FORMS.

6. Click link to print 5 color copies of the ENROLLMENT KITS FLYER and PRODUCT ORDER FORM. Place in plastic sleeves and attach to clip boards so you can reuse for classes. It's nice to have at least 5 clip boards available.  

7. Below is the "WAYS TO USE OILS" flier. Great way to show your guests all the non-medicinal ways to use doTERRA essential oils. Print one copy to keep in business binder for classes and consultations.

Ways to Use Oils.pdf Ways to Use Oils.pdf
Size : 268.959 Kb
Type : pdf

8. Below is the "WHY LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM" flier with talking points. This will give your guests a visual of how to shift their money to doTERRA concentrated cleaner, supplements and personal care products, how to get deeper discounts and how to replace their oils for FREE.  Print one copy to keep in business binder for classes and consultations.

Why Loyalty Rewards Program.pdf Why Loyalty Rewards Program.pdf
Size : 304.022 Kb
Type : pdf

9. Below are the "NEW WHOLESALE MEMBER CARDS" to give to new wholesale members at time of enrollment. It has all the key information they need to manage their account, place future orders and learn how to use their oils. Print and cut enough for every guest. Also, see Follow Up for "At Time of Enrollment or Soon After" ideas.

New Wholesale Member Cards.pdf New Wholesale Member Cards.pdf
Size : 119.426 Kb
Type : pdf

10. Below is the  "doTERRA USPS SHIPPING RATES" guide. Ideally you should at least go through a mock order to get an accurate total. But this is helpful when figuring totals for people who pay with cash or check if you absolutely don't have access to a computer. It's best to encourage people to use a debit or credit card as it's the quickest way to receive their order and to avoid inaccurate check/cash totals. Check www.zip2tax.com for your buyer's city sales tax rate. Print one copy to keep in business binder for classes and consultations.

doTERRA USPS Shipping Rates.pdf doTERRA USPS Shipping Rates.pdf
Size : 228.696 Kb
Type : pdf